Selected Projects

Miris Green Property Development

This company is responsible for the development of all of MIRIS’ properties. Our flagship project Svart is an energy positive hotel to be built at the foot of the Svartisen Glacier north of the arctic circle. This project has the utmost environmental ambitions during planning, construction and in operation. It is these ambitions that have resulted in the technology now being commercialized in our other companies.

Svart hotel will produce more energy than it uses in its life cycle and will operate off grid within five years from start-up. The technology developed in this project will be applicable to existing and new buildings creating the foundation for spin-off companies focusing on sustainable technology. Learn more about Svart here.

The vision of MIRIS Green Property Development is simple; we believe that a building should produce more energy than it uses, a philosophy which is governing for all projects we are involved in. Learn more about how we will realize this vision here.

Aurora Community

A social network that seeks the change the world in a sustainable direction one person at a time. Since its launch in the autumn of 2020 Aurora has gained more than 30.000 users. Recently Aurora launched its solutions for organizations, which will offer them a way to minimize the climate impact of their employees and partners. Learn more about Aurora here.

MIRIS Keychain

The digitalization of the construction industry is crucial both to achieve productivity gains and make the industry sustainable. A property owner now has access to a multitude of models to manage and track performance of properties – 2D-sketches, 3D, digital twin models and BIM, to mention just a few- and more will become available. Keychain is a web-based user interface to access and connect all these different models to provide a holistic management capability that most owners only dream to have at their fingertips.

MIRIS Green Compute

MIRIS Green Compute is our datacenter solution which guarantees that all computations will be executed on 100 percent renewable energy sources. This technology will also be distributed into local data centers, ensuring that more than 80 percent of the energy consumption will be recycled and reused as, initially as heat, significantly reducing the energy costs of buildings.


MIRIS X is our investment platform used for follow-up and documentation of all transactions so that bondholders can follow at any time how the projects develop and to track their financial exposure, and also monitor what environmental benefits have been gained. In the future MIRIS X will be extended to non-MIRIS projects, subject to these meeting our threshold to be green projects.

Learn more about how Miris X can solve the green financing challenges here.